Healing from Family Rifts

About the Course:

Regardless of the cause of the family rift…whether divorce, marriage outside one’s race or religion, emotional abuse, objections to sexual orientation, addictions, or other reasons…Mark Sichel’s ten-step program lays out important actions that help foster inner healing after a devastating family rift.


Mark Sichel, CSW

About the Author:

Mark Sichel is a licensed cllinical social worker who counsels individuals, couples, and families in New York City. He has counseloed hundreds of clients who have suffered family cutoffs, and has made it through his own family rift as well.

Course Objectives:

  1. to focus clients on tools to address the kind of self-esteem problems that are created in a severely dysfunctional family.

  2. to explain steps that can be taken to mend a fractured family

  3. to be able to use a variety of psychological and spiritual tools to recover from the trauma of the fractured and severely dysfunctional family

  4. to be able to identify family roles and myths and how they contribute to the family dysfunction

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