Quality Improvement for Drug Courts: Evidence-Based Practices--Chapters 5 and 6

About the Course:

This monograph presents a general overview of the research on effectively treating the drug court client. It also elucidates the kinds of issues that a drug court administrator and supervisor should consider in developing Request for Proposals for treatment services and identifying additional resources to better serve drug court participants. Focusing on quality improvement in order to better engage, retain, and graduate more clients in the drug court process requires understanding and utilizing the evidence and research. This course covers Chapters 5 and 6 and addresses the topics of cultural competency in drug courts and co-occurring disorders. * This course covers adobe pages 51-70.*


National Drug Court Institute

Publication Date:

April 2008


Roger H. Peters, Ph.D.

Roger H. Peters, Ph.D., is associated with the Department of Mental Health Law and Policy at the University of South Florida.

Andrew Osborne, M.S.

Andrew Osborne, M.S., is associated with the National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially addiction counselors, psychologists, mental health counselors, social workers, and nurses who seek knowledge about cultural competency and co-occurring disorders in drug courts. It is appropriate for all levels of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Discuss how the cultural background of drug court clients may impact beliefs in treatment-related areas including child rearing, mental health, discipline, treatment, government, and hospitality.

  2. Identify questions to be asked regarding a drug court’s cultural needs assessment, training needs assessment, staffing patterns, and prior performance patterns.

  3. Describe factors related to co-occurring disorders in the drug court system, including identification, screening, assessment, evidence-based practices, and adaptation of drug courts for co-occurring disorders.

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