It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction

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About the Course:

We all learn ways of thinking, attitudes and habits in early childhood by being immersed in the atmosphere of the family. Parents often have few tools to teach their children and little knowledge of how to provide a good example. Family dysfunction runs through succeeding generations like a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering speed and power as it goes. Growing up and learning to be responsible for oneself is like standing at the bottom of that hill, and not letting the dysfunction be passed on any further. It Ends With You will show you how to help your clients do just that.

To help who grew up with a lack of guidance, tools and self-confidence, Dr. Tessina has written “It Ends With You” – a guide to replacing missing information from the formative years. In this book, you will learn to understand what a functional family is, how adults are still affected by early experience, and how to help your clients develop the skills necessary for successful living and loving, committed relationships. 


Tessina, Tina B., Ph.D.

Dr. Tessina, is the author of numerous books. She lectures and conducts workshops nationwide on all of her books, and has appeared on all major television and radio shows, including Donohue, Oprah, Geraldo, and Larry King Live. She is frequently quoted as an expert in magazines such as “Glamor”, “Women’s World”, “Better Homes and Gardens” and “Cosmopolitan”.

Course Objectives:

  1. to understand how childhood in a dysfunctional family creates patterns that clients carry into adulthood, and how to discover the patterns unique to each client

  2. to learn the functions of a healthy family, and how to help your clients become functional adults

  3. to discover how growing up in a dysfunctional family affects the mental development of the child, how the mind buries this learning in the subconscious, and why it can control adult behavior

  4. to master new techniques for helping your clients discover the legacy of their early experience, and correct the erroneous beliefs and attitudes which are still affecting their adult lives

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