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Course Category: Family/Couple

19 courses found.

Course ID Title Credits Format
102911 The effects of Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) on parent substance use and the association between parent and adolescent substance use New
(30 ratings)
1 Online
102851 Change in Parent-and Child-Reported Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors among Substance Abusing Runaways-The Effects of Family and Individual Treatments
(11 ratings)
1.5 Online
102816 Efficacy of a Web-Based Intervention for Concerned Spouses of Service Members and Veterans with Alcohol Misuse
(15 ratings)
1.25 Online
102778 Women with Alcohol Dependence-A Randomized Trial of Couple versus Individual plus Couple Therapy
(14 ratings)
1.5 Online
102777 Alcohol-Focused Behavioral Couple Therapy
(66 ratings)
1.5 Online
102775 A Randomized Clinical Trial of Group versus Standard Behavioral Couples Therapy Plus Individually Based Treatment for Patients with Alcohol Dependence
(13 ratings)
1.75 Online
102746 Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy: TIP 39 Policy and Program Issues
(33 ratings)
1.25 Online
102745 Approaches to Therapy from Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy: A Treatment Improvement Protocol
(123 ratings)
3.25 Online
102735 Substance Abuse Treatment And Family Therapy: Specific Populations
(77 ratings)
3.25 Online
102734 Substance Abuse Treatment And Family Therapy: Integrated Models for Treating Family Members
(83 ratings)
2.5 Online
102717 What are the Long Term Effects of Brief Strategic Family Therapy for Adolescent Substance Use?
(55 ratings)
1 Online
102597 TIP 39-Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Therapy-Overview of Models
(27 ratings)
1 Online
102555 TIP34- Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance Abuse-Brief Family Therapy
(41 ratings)
1 Online
102499 Quick guide for clinicians: Substance abuse treatment and family therapy
(52 ratings)
1.5 Online
102496 TIP 47-Substance Abuse-Clinical Issues in Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Family Based Services
(18 ratings)
1.75 Online
102494 A randomized clinical trial of behavioral couples therapy versus individually-based treatment for drug abusing women
(28 ratings)
2 Online
102459 Including Family and Community in the Recovery Process
(44 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
101940 Brief Family Therapy (TIP 34, Chapter 8): Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance Abuse (TIP 34)
(339 ratings)
1 Online
101831 Family Support Intervention: (Section 1: Introduction and Overview from Family Support Network for Adolescent Cannabis Users): From Cannabis Youth Treatment Series Volume 3
(139 ratings) Available until Dec 30, 2020
1 Online

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