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Course Category: Education (Client, Family, and Community)

34 courses found.

Course ID Title Credits Format
102910 TIP 50-Addressing Suicidal Thoughts And Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment-Part 2 New
(5 ratings)
3.25 Online
102847 Prevention with Purpose-A Strategic Planning Guide for Preventing Drug Misuse Among College Students New
(26 ratings)
3.75 Online
102784 Preventing the Use of Marijuana: Focus on Women and Pregnancy
(41 ratings)
2.5 Online
102776 COVID 19 Recommendations for Behavioral Health Settings
(85 ratings)
1.5 Online Recorded Webinar
102569 Culturally Competent Prevention and Treatment
(46 ratings)
1.5 Online
102567 Evidence Brief: Suicide Prevention in Veterans
(49 ratings)
1.25 Online
102555 TIP34- Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance Abuse-Brief Family Therapy
(32 ratings)
1 Online
102548 Engaging People with Lived Experience of Substance Misuse to Strengthen Prevention Efforts
(28 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
102489 Mental health and HIV and AIDS-the need for an integrated response
(67 ratings)
1.5 Online
102457 What’s New in Addiction Prevention in Young People-A Literature Review of the Last Years of Research
(49 ratings)
1.5 Online
102453 Recovery and Recovery-Oriented Care: Foundations and Future Considerations
(9 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
102444 Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health Services-Vignettes for Utilizing Technology Based Therapeutic Tools
(110 ratings)
5.5 Online
102443 Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health Services-A Practical Guide for the Provision of Behavioral Health Services
(102 ratings)
2 Online
102438 Ending Discrimination Against People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders-Science of Communication and Ways to Reduce/Address Stigma
(129 ratings)
4 Online
102432 Prescription Drug Abuse
(137 ratings)
1 Online
102431 Prevention of Youth Marijuana Use
(82 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
102425 Ending Discrimination Against People with Mental and Substance Use Disorders-Summary-Understanding Stigma
(53 ratings)
3 Online
102383 Facing Addiction in America: Chapter 3 - Prevention Programs and Policies
(75 ratings)
2 Online
102361 Integrated Care: The Role of Community and Family Supports In Helping People Manage Their Complex Health Conditions: Integrating Healthcare to Promote Wellness
(29 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
102360 From Re-entry to Recovery - Peer Support for Transition to the Community
(45 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
102356 Improving Cultural Competence to Reduce Health Disparities
(104 ratings)
4 Online
102352 If You've Never Been There You Wouldn't Understand: The Evolutionary Reasons for Veteran Mistrust
(70 ratings)
1 Online
102337 The Challenges of Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans’ Transition from Military to Civilian Life and Approaches to Reconnection
(40 ratings)
1 Online
102321 Screening for Intimate Partner Violence, Elder Abuse, and Abuse of Vulnerable Adults: An Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force
(156 ratings)
4 Online
102312 Focus on Prevention: Strategies and Programs to Prevent Substance Use
(353 ratings)
5 Online
102128 Treatment Modalities and Settings (TIP 56, Chapter 5): Addressing the Specific Behavioral Health Needs of Men
(131 ratings)
3 Online
101871 Patient Education and Treatment Agreements (TIP 54, Chapter 5): Managing Chronic Pain in Adults With or in Recovery From Substance Use Disorders (TIP 54)
(58 ratings)
1 Online
101863 Introduction (TIP 54, Chapter 1): Managing Chronic Pain in Adults With or in Recovery From Substance Use Disorders
(97 ratings)
1 Online
101852 Psychotherapeutic Medications 2011: What Every Counselor Should Know
(936 ratings) Available until Jan 1, 2021
4 Online
101849 Parent Education Sessions and Discussion Procedures (Section II): Family Support Network for Adolescent Cannabis Users - Cannabis Youth Treatment Series (CYT) Volume 3
(374 ratings) Available until Dec 30, 2020
5 Online
101596 An Evaluation of College Online Alcohol-Policy Information
(26 ratings) Available until Dec 30, 2020
1 Online
101094 Preventing Drug Abuse among Children and Adolescents: A Research-Based Guide for Parents, Educators, and Community Leaders: Examples of Research-Based Drug Abuse Prevention Programs
(98 ratings) Available until Dec 30, 2020
1 Online
101039 Underage Drinking: Alcohol Alert #67
(270 ratings) Available until Sep 30, 2020
1 Online
100834 Key Strategies for Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention: Working in the Community
(214 ratings) Available until Dec 30, 2020
1 Online

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