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Addiction Counselor CE pricing makes it easy.

State CE requirements vary widely, not to mention your unique individual needs. So we offer pricing that adapts to your needs.

Basic Plan


  • Pay as you go - whenever you want to take a course
  • Access our members-only features and tools
  • Preview exams before you take them

Plus Package

from $2.93/credit

  • All the benefits of the Basic, but a better value if you need more credit hours.
  • Purchase blocks of 10-40 course credits at a discount, whenever you like, for however many CE credits you need
  • The affordable way to get all your credit hours!

Unlimited Package

$197 for 2 years

  • Access to all 390 of our courses for 2 years — 730 days.
  • This is our easiest, most convenient option! Also the most affordable in the long run!
  • Group discounts are available.

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Plus Packages

If you need more credit hours, our Plus Packages are a great value, offering you big discounts on course credits. With a Plus Package, you can earn all your required credit hours with a single package.

Credits Price Action
10 credits $47.00
($4.70 per credit)
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20 credits $77.00
($3.85 per credit)
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30 credits $97.00
($3.23 per credit)
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40 credits $117.00
($2.93 per credit)
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Unlimited Package

Our Unlimited Package gives you access to all our courses, anytime you like, for 2 years (730 days). With the Unlimited, you can earn all your required CE hours for the current licensure period and all your CEs for next year too. Other CE providers offer similar packages. But what is the value of unlimited access when you have just a handful of courses to choose from?

Order the Unlimited

Basic Plan

Do you need just 5 or fewer credit hours for your next renewal? Or maybe you just want to meet a particular special requirement, such as Ethics or Supervision. Our Basic Plan is just $6.97 per credit hour. For example, a 2 credit Ethics course would be just $13.94. You only pay when you're ready to take the exam for the course.

If you need 6 credits or more, or if you expect to take more online courses for your next licensure cycle, you may be better served with one of our Plus Packages, above.
Sign up for the Basic — it's free to sign up!

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